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This Website Protection Bundle includes: (1) GDPR Compliant Website Privacy Policy template; and (1) Website Terms and Conditions Template.

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Bundle and Save!

If you really want to protect your website, you need a website privacy policy AND website terms and conditions. To help keep your website safe and protected, we have put both templates into one affordable bundle. Purchase this bundle to get a complete, comprehensive website protection package.

What do you get?

These templates were drafted by a licensed, experienced business law attorney and reviewed for correctness by a law professor. So trust us, you’re in good hands! This template is easy-to-read and ready-to-use. All you have to do is download and fill in the blanks. But, if you still need some guidance on how to complete the template, we have included drafting notes and comments in the document to help guide you as you navigate the template. 

This Website Protection Bundle includes:

(1) Website Terms and Conditions Template: Website terms and conditions constitute a binding legal agreement between a website and its users that sets forth the rules/regulations for use of the website and the products and/or services offered by the website. The use of website terms and conditions is not required by law. However, as a new business owner, it is important to limit your potential liability to as many parties as possible: customers, vendors, business partners, employees, AND website users. Placing a terms and conditions page on your website will provide you with some protection from being sued by your website users. Lucky for you, we have a great one right here (see what we did there) ; and

(1) GDPR Compliant Website Privacy Policy template: A privacy policy is a legal document or notice that discloses a website owner’s practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting and/or disclosing the information it gathers through its website from website visitors, users and customers. Make sure to post your privacy policy prior to collecting any personal information from website visitors. While you’re at it, make sure your policy is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, just like this one!

Who needs this bundle?

  • All website owners and operators who collect personal information on their websites from website visitors

Not sure how use these templates? Here are some basic tips to help!

1. Post both your website privacy policy and website terms and conditions in a conspicuous, easily accessible place on your website like your footer where they will be visible from every page of your website.

2. To appear SUPER professional, fill the templates with your company information in MS Word or another word processing platform BEFORE you post it.

3. These policies should be updated regularly so they accurately reflect your business practices. Be sure to post a “Notice of Last Update” at the top of your policies to let users know of any changes made to the documents.


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