Solopreneur Basic Bundle


This Business Basics Bundle comes with; (1) Single Member Operating Agreement; (1) Independent Contractor Agreement; and (1) Client Services Agreement.

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Bundle and Save!

Hey, this bundle right here is for all of the bosses out there getting it and doing it by themselves! We just want you to know that we see you and we have created this bundle just for you, to help you take your business to the next level. We have included in this bundle three basic contracts crucial for the protection of a single member empire. You may be alone, but with this bundle you’ll never be lonely. Check out this awesome Solopreneur Basic Bundle equipped with all of your solo boss needs.

What Do You Get?

These templates were drafted by a licensed, experienced business law attorney and reviewed for correctness by a law professor. So trust us, you’re in good hands! This template is easy-to-read and ready-to-use. All you have to do is download and fill in the blanks. But, if you still need some guidance on how to complete the template, we have included drafting notes and comments in the document to help guide you as you navigate the template. 

This Solopreneur Basic Bundle Includes:

(1) Client Services Agreement: If you are a freelance writer, creator, marketer, publicist, consultant, plumber, accountant… or any other kind of service provider and we have not yet provided a services agreement for your specific business or industry, then this general client services agreement is what you need to clearly define the boundaries and expectations for your relationship with your clients. A Client services agreement is a binding, legal document that defines the relationship between a service provider and service consumer or client.

(1) Independent Contractor Agreement: An independent contractor is a person or entity that you contract with to perform work or provide services to your business without having to provide the same level of guidance, oversight or benefits required of hiring a full-time employee. Independent contractors may perform work for you or on behalf of your company, but pay their own taxes, cover their own work expenses and control the timing, performance and manner of their work. If an independent contractor sounds like just the person you’re looking to add to your team, then this contract template will help you do just that by clearly defining the terms and conditions of the relationship between you and your independent contractor; and

(1) Single Member Operating Agreement: An operating agreement is a legal document that outlines the ownership interests and duties of members of limited liability companies (LLCs) and cannot be used in connection with any other type of business entity. It also defines the company’s management structure, describes how the company’s profits/losses are allocated and distributed, and sets out the terms of engagement for the company’s members. You may be thinking, but it’s just me why do I need one of these? Even as a single member LLC, it’s important to establish rules of government for your business or else you will be subject to the default laws that govern LLCs in your state. You may also need an operating agreement for proof of ownership when opening a business bank account or purchasing real estate. 

Who needs this bundle?

  • The absolute bosses running their businesses and building their empires all by themselves

Not sure how to fill out a template? Here are some basic tips to help!

1. When contracting with another party, make sure you know the legal name of that person or entity. You want to make sure that you are binding the right person to the agreement. If you are contracting with a business, check your Secretary of State registry to ensure you have the full legal name and address of the business.

2. To appear SUPER professional, fill out the template in MS Word or another word processing platform BEFORE you present it to the other party.But, if you are running short on time and need to fill in your template in pen or pencil, it will still be binding.

3. Signing and filling contracts by hand is so 2005! Take the stress out of executing your agreements by using an electronic signature platform like DocuSign, HelloSign or AdobeSign to sign and disseminate your agreements.


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