Client Services Agreement


If you are a freelance writer, creator, marketer, publicist, consultant, plumber, accountant… or any other kind of service provider and we have not yet provided a services agreement for your specific business or industry, then this general client services agreement is what you need to clearly define the boundaries and expectations for your relationship with your clients. A Client services agreement is a binding, legal document that defines the relationship between a service provider and service consumer or client. It should state certain basic terms like the scope of work to be provided, the timing and delivery of service and payment expectations for clients.

Clients are also more likely to pay if they’ve signed an agreement stating that they would. This is reason enough to grab this template right now. #yourewelcome.

More about this form…

This form was drafted by a licensed, experienced business law attorney and reviewed for correctness by a law professor. So trust us, you’re in good hands! This form is easy-to-read and ready-to-use. All you have to do is download and fill in the blanks. But, if you still need some guidance on how to complete the form, we have included drafting notes and comments in the document to help guide you as you navigate the form. #yourewelcome 


Form Specs

  • Delivered in both MS Word and PDF Formats
  • Document is 5-pages in length (including 4 pages of terms and conditions)
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac
  • Available for download on desktop and mobile
  • Comes with a “draft” version complete with drafting tips and notes
  • Easily customizable with your brand colors and logo
  • Ready for upload into any electronic signature platform
  • Can be used over and over again for other creative works or new  parties

Form Highlights

  • A table for you to fill with the services you provide. Once the table is filled, it becomes part of your form
  • An intellectual property clause that allows you to retain ownership of any creative work you create for the client. You can also modify the agreement to give ownership of creative works created to the client.
  • A termination clause that allows you to terminate services for missed payments
  • A late fee clause that allows you to assess late fees for payments not made within thirty (30) days
  • Space for you to outline your refund policy. We have included a default refund policy but you can modify it, if necessary
  • A “no guarantees” clause stating that you make no guarantees regarding the outcomes of your service.
  • Confidentiality clause to protect your trade secrets
  • A limitation of liability clause to restrict the amount of money your client wished to recover if any issues arise in your relationship
  • A bunch of other legalese that makes this form super legit

Who should use this form?

  • Publicists
  • Consultants
  • Personal Trainers
  • Creatives
  • Freelancers
  • Accountants
  • Plumbers
  • Anyone with clients…duh?

Not sure how to use this form? Here are some basic tips to help!

1. Require that you receive all or a portion of your payment for services upfront, in the form of a deposit. Receiving payment upfront will allow you to gauge whether your client is serious about paying your fees.

2. Make sure to include an expiration date on your client services agreements. Until signed, the agreement is merely an offer made to a client for a particular service. Unless you want that offer to remain open indefinitely, provide a date of expiration for when the offer will close.

3.When contracting with your clients, make sure you know their legal name(s). You want to make sure that you are binding the right person to the agreement. If your client is a business, check your Secretary of State registry to ensure you have the full legal name and address of the business.

4. To appear SUPER professional, fill out the template in MS Word or another word processing platform BEFORE you present it to client(s).But, if you are running short on time and need to fill in your template in pen or pencil, it will still hold up in court.

5. Signing and filling contracts by hand is so 2005! Take the stress out of executing your agreements by using an electronic signature platform like DocuSign, HelloSign or AdobeSign to sign and disseminate your agreements. Clients will love it!


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