About Us

Our Story

Formally was founded for you entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives, dreamers and side-hustlers (“You”) by YOU. Formally was founded by Sydnee Mack, attorney, author, professor and serial entrepreneur. As a millenial entrepreneur, Sydnee understands the struggles of trying to build a world-class empire on a shoe  string budget. She started her first business, a law firm with the money she had in her savings and the lint she had in her pocket. In order to make her business work in its early stages, she couldn’t afford to hire help. She had to be her own publicist, graphic designer, secretary, and attorney. Luckily for her, she just so happened to be an experienced business attorney with a law degree and certificate in transactional law from a top-25 university. But, we know that most folks are not so lucky. That is why she created Formally, to provide YOU with access to world-class, comprehensive legal forms and contract templates that will help You to protect your “business baby” at an affordable cost. #yourewelcome

Our Mission

Formally is THE one-stop do-it-yourself business form and contract template shop for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, side-hustlers and anyone else looking to take their business to the next level. Our mission at Formally is to provide YOU with legal tools, resources and information at an affordable cost. In this, the age of technology, there are more tools and resources than ever before to help YOU take your legal and business needs into your own hands. We at Formally want to guide and empower you to handle your business’ legal needs without the aide of an expensive, fancy lawyer.

Why Forms?

Let’s face it, contracts can be INTIMIDATING. Pages upon pages of legalese is enough to put the fear of God in just about anybody, even the most experienced lawyers. At Formally, we create custom form templates because forms are easy-to-use, simple to understand and warm/inviting like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?